Operating at the Quantum Limit with Dr. Dana Anderson

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Title: Operating at the Quantum Limit with Dr. Dana Anderson

“In 25 to 30 years, quantum is going to be in the kitchen, sitting next to the toaster.” — Dr. Dana Anderson

Description: Welcome to another episode of The New Quantum Era Podcast hosted by Kevin Rowney and Sebastian Hassinger. Today, they are joined by Dr. Dana Anderson to talk about quantum computation, simulation, and sensing technologies using ultracold neutral atoms. Dr. Anderson is Chief Strategy Officer of Infleqtion, which was founded in 2007 as ColdQuanta and recently changed its name after acquiring Super.tech. Dr. Anderson is an applied physicist trained in quantum optics with extensive experience in optical neural networks, signal processing, precision measurement, and what he calls the field of “atomtronics.”

Key Takeaways:
[3:34] Dr. Anderson shares how he found his passion in physics and his entry point to quantum information science in general.
[5:13] How do lasers make atoms cold?
[7:13] Does Dr. Anderson think that what was learned from building atomic clocks and quantum devices has accelerated the development and maturation of the technologies behind the neutral atom arrays?
[10:44] Dr. Anderson talks about the optical lattice.
[12:41] Dr. Anderson addresses the early dawn of the transistor and the parallels with what he calls our age of atomtronics.
[14:00] Does Dr. Anderson think components on the optical side continue to shrink?
[15:17] Dr. Anderson explains how he uses machine learning to train an interferometer.
[17:44] Would machine learning assist in qubit control?
[25:05] What kind of new sensing technologies will emerge into the market?
[27:31] Dr. Anderson shares NASA developments regarding climate change.
[29:31] There will be a home-use application for quantum (and it will be boring, according to Dr. Anderson).
[31:48] Dr. Anderson discusses the benefits of meeting quantum and machine learning.
[36:06] Dr. Anderson helps us understand how the Infleqtion platform and quantum computation could emerge as a set of practical outcomes.
[45:02] Sebastian and Dr. Anderson discuss Infleqtion’s acquisition of Super.tech and what they have been working on.
[47:18] What does Dr. Anderson see on the horizon for the next 12 to 24 months for neutral atoms?

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Tweetables and Quotes:
“Every atom is a qubit, and every atom is just like every other atom, and it is as perfect as it could be.“ — Dr. Dana Anderson

“Roughly speaking, the way to think about everything Infleqtion can be boiled down to atomtronics.” — Dr. Dana Anderson

“If you are not operating at a quantum limit, you are not competitive .” — Dr. Dana Anderson

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Sebastian Hassinger🌻
Sebastian Hassinger🌻
Business development #QuantumComputing @AWScloud Opinions mine, he/him.
Omar Costa Hamido
Omar Costa Hamido
OCH is a performer, composer, and technologist, working primarily in multimedia and improvisation. His current research is on quantum computing and music composition, telematics, and multimedia. He is passionate about emerging technology, cinema, teaching, and performing new works. He earned his PhD in Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology at University of California, Irvine with his research project Adventures in Quantumland (quantumland.art). He also earned his MA in Music Theory and Composition at ESMAE-IPP Portugal with his research on the relations between music and painting. In recent years, his work has been recognized with grants and awards from MSCA, Fulbright, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Medici, Beall Center for Art+Technology, and IBM.
Operating at the Quantum Limit with Dr. Dana Anderson
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