Quantum Intermediate Representation with Cassandra Granade

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In this interview, independent quantum information science researcher and consultant, Dr. Cassandra Grenade, shares their journey from triple majoring in physics, math, and computer science to their current consulting work with their firm, Dual Space Solutions. She discusses the concept behind the Quantum Intermediate Representation project (QIR), a tool which represents quantum programs and allows language designers to work independently of specific quantum processor details. Cassandra explains how QIR can solve the 'N to M' problem, where multiple language designs must interface with multiple quantum hardware architectures, thereby preventing the need for creating numerous unique compilers. Further, she dives into the evolution and future of quantum computing, highlighting the need for an industry-wide shift in understanding a quantum computer as more than just a circuit-based entity.

00:02 Introduction and Guest Background
00:22 Cassandra's Journey into Quantum Computing
01:40 The Birth of Dual Space Solutions
05:35 The Importance of Interdisciplinary Approach in Quantum Computing
08:14 The Challenges and Solutions in Quantum Computing
10:42 The Role of Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR)
15:56 The Impact of QIR on Quantum Computing
19:01 The Future of Quantum Computing with QIR

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Sebastian HassingeršŸŒ»
Sebastian HassingeršŸŒ»
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Dr. Cassandra Granade
Dr. Granade is an independent researcher and consultant in quantum information science with a PhD from the Perimeter Institute who is a founder of the QIR Alliance.
Quantum Intermediate Representation with Cassandra Granade
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