Careers in Quantum with Anastasia Marchenkova

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Welcome to The New Quantum Era podcast! In today’s episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of quantum computing and the broader tech landscape with Anastasia Marchenkova, who has a unique blend of experiences in startups, academia, and venture capital. Join us as we explore the intersections of technology, business, and education, and uncover the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the quantum era.

Highlights from the Interview:
  • Journey into Quantum Computing: Learn how our Anastasia's early experiences in quantum telecommunications and a serendipitous encounter with a startup led to a pivotal role at Rigetti Computing.
  • Building and Scaling Startups: Insights into the startup ecosystem, including the importance of customer discovery, the challenges of scaling deep tech companies, and the role of non-dilutive funding from sources like DARPA.
  • Interdisciplinary Innovations: Discover how principles from quantum computing are being applied to other cutting-edge fields like thermodynamic computing and AI, and the potential for cross-disciplinary breakthroughs.
  • The Importance of Communication and Networking: Discussion on the critical role of communication skills in science and technology, and how building connections can drive innovation and collaboration.
  • Future Vision and Education: Our guest’s ambitious plans for bridging the gap between deep tech and the broader public through educational initiatives and media, aiming to inspire the next generation of technologists and entrepreneurs.
Mentioned in This Episode:
  • Rigetti Computing: A pioneering quantum computing startup.
  • DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency): A key source of non-dilutive funding for deep tech projects.
  • Quantum Benchmark: A company specializing in error characterization and mitigation for quantum computing, acquired by Keysight Technologies.
  • Thermodynamic Computing: An emerging field aimed at reducing energy consumption in AI, with notable contributions from researchers like Patrick Coles, who founded Normal Computing, and Guillaume Verdun, who recently founded Extropic.
  • VC Lab: An incubator program for training emerging venture capitalists.

Creators and Guests

Sebastian Hassinger🌻
Sebastian Hassinger🌻
Business development #QuantumComputing @AWScloud Opinions mine, he/him.
Anastasia Marchenkova
Anastasia Marchenkova
next-gen computing14 years in quantum techscaling deep tech companies @onequarkmediaprev: @bleximo founding team, @BerkeleyLab, @GeorgiaTech
Omar Costa Hamido
Omar Costa Hamido
OCH is a performer, composer, and technologist, working primarily in multimedia and improvisation. His current research is on quantum computing and music composition, telematics, and multimedia. He is passionate about emerging technology, cinema, teaching, and performing new works. He earned his PhD in Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology at University of California, Irvine with his research project Adventures in Quantumland ( He also earned his MA in Music Theory and Composition at ESMAE-IPP Portugal with his research on the relations between music and painting. In recent years, his work has been recognized with grants and awards from MSCA, Fulbright, Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Medici, Beall Center for Art+Technology, and IBM.
Careers in Quantum with Anastasia Marchenkova
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