Adiabatic and Counterdiabatic Quantum Computing with Dr. Ieva Čepaitė

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In this episode of The New Quantum Era, Kevin Rowney and Sebastian Hassinger are joined by Dr. Ieva Čepaitė to delve into the nuanced world of quantum physics and computation. Dr. Čepaitė discusses her journey into quantum computing and her work on counterdiabatic methods used to optimize the control of many body quantum states. She provides an overview of the landscape of new algorithms available within the field. She points out the importance of understanding the hardware to implement a quantum algorithm effectively. The focus then shifts to a discussion on adiabatic and counterdiabatic systems, providing a detailed understanding of both methods. The conversation concludes with a speculative take on future breakthroughs that could emerge with respect to quantum algorithms.

00:31 Introduction and Overview of the Interview
02:43 Dr. Čepaitė's Journey into Quantum Computing
05:23 Dr. Čepaitė's Diverse Experience in Quantum Computing
09:37 The Challenges and Opportunities in Quantum Computing
11:50 Understanding Adiabatic and Counterdiabatic Systems
15:15 The Potential of Counterdiabatic Techniques in Quantum Computing
25:49 The Future of Quantum Algorithms
32:55 The Role of Quantum Machine Learning
35:48 Closing Remarks and Reflections

Creators and Guests

Sebastian Hassinger🌻
Sebastian Hassinger🌻
Business development #QuantumComputing @AWScloud Opinions mine, he/him.
Ieva Čepaitė
Ieva Čepaitė
Ieva is a physicist working on quantum computing and quantum algorithms at the company Phasecraft in Bristol. She recently finished my PhD at the Quantum Optics and Quantum Many-Body Systems group at Strathclyde University, working primarily on counterdiabatic driving and optimal control of many-body quantum states.
Adiabatic and Counterdiabatic Quantum Computing with Dr. Ieva Čepaitė
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